What is Fingerroots exactly?

Fingerroots (Boesenbergia Rotunda) is one of the herbs included in the category of spices. This plant in general also has powerful properties. Rhizomes on this plant contain essential oils as much as 1.2 percent of the total rhizome composition. Since ancient times in the tradition of society, especially in Java, fingerroots have been known to have medicinal properties, in addition to being a food seasoning. it is also usually mixed with betel leaves. The constituents of essential oils in it are camphor, cineol, methyl cinnamon and hydromyrene. in addition to essential oils there is also the content of resin, starch, saponins, alipinetin and flovonoid pinostrolerin. it acts to treat thrush, overcome urination, appetite enhancer, colds and so on. The following benefits include :
1. As SeasoningThe main function of fingerroots is as a spice. Usually used for cooking spices that have clear broth or in other words without using coconut milk. Why is the main function as a spice? Because the most common use in Indonesia is for seasoning, while for other uses they mostly don't know it.2. Cure ColdsGastric problems such as colds, bloating, numbness, and stomach heartburn can also be overcome with fingerroots extract.3. Overcoming HeartburnWhen heartburn, eating becomes unpleasant because the mouth feels pain. it can relieve heartburn such as chapped lips and thrush.4. Overcome Urinary PainIt is deuretic because it contains flavonoids. In other words, it helps to smooth the urinary tract so that it can urinate.5. Treating ItchingIt contains saponins which can kill fungi. Therefore it can be used to treat itching on the skin due to fungal infections or allergies.

6. Preventing Tumors and Cancer

Saponins in it can prevent cancer or tumors to develop. In addition, the content of flavonoids is also anti-cancer. However, use in large doses is also dangerous because it can cause infertility because it is antifertilias.

7. Increase Stamina

fingerroots can be used to increase stamina or energy so that the body becomes fresh and fit because of smooth blood circulation. The saponins they contain are also able to increase immunity. Therefore, the extract is well taken by the postpartum mother to restore her stamina quickly.

8. Increase breast feeding

For mothers who have just given birth, of course they really want breast feeding for the baby. Unfortunately not all mother's milk has a lot of it. he can help increase breast milk, so that the baby's breast milk needs can be fulfilled.

9. Pain Relief

The juice and infusa rhizomes of fingerroots are analgesic and antipyretic, meaning they can relieve pain. Therefore it can be used for pain medication during menstruation.

10. Menstruation

Menstruation is experienced by every woman every month. Some are routine, but some are not routine. In order for your period to smoothly consume the extract.

11. Relieve Depression

It can be used as an antidepressant because it contains flavonoids. Antidepressants are substances that can relieve depression or stress.

12. Leucorrhoea

Leucorrhoea is very disturbing for a woman because it causes itching and bad odor. This can be overcome by consuming it regularly.

13. Anti Microbial

Fingerroots extract can be used as an anti-microbial. Therefore, this extract is widely used by academics as research material.

14. Reducing Cholesterol in the Blood

High cholesterol in the blood can cause a greater risk of stroke. In addition, high cholesterol makes the body feel uncomfortable. If you have high cholesterol, you can use the extract according to the doctor's advice.

15. Cough Medicine

Fingerroots containing flavonoids which are antiviral agents. Antiviral is an anti-viral drug used to treat diseases caused by viruses such as coughing, so that it can be used as a sputum when coughing.

16. Increase Appetite

When you are sick, your appetite also goes down because you are not appetizing. To increase appetite, use fingerroots extract. For children who are difficult to eat can also use this extract. Remember, don't overuse it.

17. Reducing Sugar Levels in Blood

Taking it can reduce blood sugar levels. Therefore it is good for diabetics. This is because it contains anti-diabetic substances called flavonoids.

18. Beautify the Skin

For those who want beautiful skin, can use a mask made of fingerroots. Its regular use will make the skin tighter, fresher, healthier, and smoother can also prevent premature aging.

19. Reducing Body Odor

Kampher substances found in fingerroots can be used to reduce body odor. Its use can be mixed with betel leaves so that the results are more optimal. Fingerroots decoction water can also be used for bathing.

20. Reducing Acne

Acne can disrupt our performance and reduce confidence. Therefore, many of us try to eliminate it in various ways. One way that can be taken is to consume fingerroots or make them masks.

21. As an Antioxidant

Fingerroots extract can be used as an antioxidant. Antioxidants can counteract free radicals. Free radicals are molecules that can damage cells. If our body captures a lot of free radicals, then the body's cells get damaged quickly, premature aging and cancer will develop.

Fingerroots which are usually only for spices can actually be used for various kinds of diseases. Keep in mind, use it in normal doses. However, any medication you will consume is better consult your doctor.

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